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Colleen Munro is also the sole owner and President of Hugh Munro Construction Ltd. (HCML), a heavy civil construction company. She has developed many partnerships with Indigenous peoples and signed agreements with a multitude of communities also working with Manitoba Construction Sector Council in training newcomers. She brings her expertise and knowledge of this industry to these groups providing education and training with a drive to help them become sustainable. While the heavy construction industry is cyclical in its nature, her companies cover all parts of the Province and locations outside of Manitoba as well with a multitude of communities. The Munro Group has worked throughout Manitoba Northwestern Ontario & Saskatchewan providing education and training opportunities for community members on remote job sites to help promote economic development.

Colleen is a pioneer for women in the industry. She was the first woman to be appointed Chair of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association Board of Directors (1996), and she is the current (2022) Chair of the Manitoba Construction Sector Council, Manitoba Women’s Advisory Council and appointed an Honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the 38th Engineering Division.

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ClearSecure is the exclusive Manufacturing and Distributor of RockGlassTM, North America’s best and only solution to broken glass! Since 2018, we have been installing RockGlass glass and screens in businesses, commercial properties, government buildings, residential homes, schools and heavy equipment machinery.  Our goal is simple: to solve the broken glass problem!   


RockGlassTM is lighter, stronger and more impact-resistant than regular glass and can withstand any type of damage, whether vandalism or storms. ClearSecure also has an incredible network of highly trained RockGlassTM installers to give your business or home the greatest sense of safety and security. 

Hugh Munro Construction has been in business since 1959, starting out as a one-man (Founder Father Hugh Munro), one-machine operation. Since then, it has grown into a prospering and viable business, The company has diversified by engaging in several aspects of the construction industry as well as being actively involved in buying, selling, renting and repairing heavy equipment and vehicles. With 60 years of operating in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan the Munro Group of Companies has established a reputation for providing excellent contract work for all of their clients.  The combination of its history, knowledge, integrity & staff, has awarded Munro a major presence in the construction industry continuing to grow.

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FWL is a division of HMCL providing transportation of heavy equipment throughout Canada. Our experienced dispatcher leads a team of seasoned drivers with impressive safety records. They specialize in heavy equipment hauling and completed many kilometers over winter roads. Fort Whyte is equipped with state of the art decks including drop decks, trombone, and hydraulic removable gooseneck trailers with decks with 6–9 axles.

Lilyfield Quarry Inc. is another affiliate with the Munro Group of companies, producing aggregate in the RM of Rosser.  The Munro group operates other quarries producing materials for Ministry of Transportation, City of Winnipeg & Private Contractors.

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